Cardo SmartH DMC Motorcycle Intercom Duo

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The first motorcycle communication system designed for and recommended by HJC helmets

  • with brandnew DMC™ technology from Cardo
  • 4-way Bluetooth intercom
  • Cardo Gateway™ for intercom conversations with non-Cardo devices
  • Music Sharing™ between rider and passenger
  • up to 3.6 km range up to 4 riders
  • compatible with Android and iOS
  • ultra thin design with LED indicator
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What is the difference between DMC™ and Bluetooth?

DMC™ called Dynamic Meshwork Communication is a groundbreaking technology developed by Cardo to completely change how group riders communicate with each other.

Instead of the traditional Bluetooth 'daisy-chain' intercom connection, the group is connected in a dynamic network to ensure that communication remains uninterrupted at all times.


  • DMC– INTERCOM Technology for Seamless Communication between 2-4 riders at a range of up to 3.6km
  • 4-Way Bluetooth Intercom Conferencing
  • 1+8 Intercom Toggling
  • Bike-to-Bike Intercom at a range of up to 1.2km
  • Click-to-Link® spontaneous intercom conversations with other near-by Cardo devices
  • Cardo Gateway™ For intercom conversations with non-Cardo devices
  • Mobile Phone Operations – make, receive, reject calls
  • Receive GPS (Sat Nav) audio instructions
  • Connect wirelessly to MP3 player via A2DP for stereo music
  • Parallel Audio Streaming
  • Music Sharing™ between rider and passenger
  • Intercom to mobile (pat. pend.)
  • FM Radio with RDS and Radio Sharing Bike-to-Bike
  • Speed Dial
  • Cardo Community® web platform for software updates and customization of settings
  • AGC Technology - automatic adjustment of speaker volume level according to ambient noise and riding speed
  • Cardo SmartSet App for remote control and on-the-go setting customization (iOS / Android)
  • Intercom Voice Activation / Phone Call Voice Activation
  • Spoken Status Announcements
  • Voice command
  • Ultra-Slim Design
  • Talk Time: 13 hours / Standby: 1 week
  • Hybrid / Corded Interchangeable Microphones
  • Waterproof and Dustproof
  • Slim HD 40 mm Stereo Speakers (replaceable)

What's in the box:

  • 2x Cardo SmartH Main Module
  • 2x USB cable
  • 2x Plug-in charger
  • 2x Speaker Set
  • 2x Retaining clips
  • 2x Velcro pads
  • 2x Extension pad
  • 2x Microphone set neck
  • 2x Cable microphone
  • 2x Micro sponge
  • 1 year AU warranty
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