Gimbal Stabilizers

Crane 1 and Crane 2 are 3-axis gimbal stabilizers designed primarily for mirrorless cameras, ideal for low-cost individual filming applications, from micro films, wedding videos to travel films, and so on.

By adopting the advanced slip-ring technology on all three axes, you have 360° x 3 unlimited rotation control, offering free angle choices for any griping gestures or camera placement all up to your shooting needs.

The Crane 2 is the world's first 3-axis camera stabilizier with follow focus control

The Zhiyun Crane 2 three-axis camera stabilizer, while realizing film-grad performance breakthroughs in both motion sensitivity  and precision control with newly optimized alogorithm system and motor construction, has integrated a tactile and sturdy follow focus controller on its body previously unheard of in the industry.


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